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KPK refined coconut oil is exclusively manufactured with unique techniques to preserve the goodness of the oil by which our product delivers you the 100 % quality and purity.

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A Healthy change
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KPK has Lauric Acid which is also present in
mothers milk...

KPK has no coconut oil smell.

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A 50 crore turnover company which was incorporated in April 2007.

We K P K Oils & Proteins India Private Limited is a 50 crore turnover company which was incorporated in April 2007. Right from the day of incorporation the company is into the production of only Refined Coconut Oil. Our company operates strongly with the motto of “QUALITY AND PURITY™”. As a part of our quality drive we ensure our Refined Coconut oil quality is always better than the agmark standards.

By establishing and implementing a high Quality Management System, the company is achieving excellence at all levels with its superior quality of Refined Coconut oil. Our company is renowned in the bulk trade across India which supplies to majority of the multinational hair oil, confectionery and vanaspathi companies who are very strict with quality policies .where they use our Refined Coconut oil for their manufacturing purposes and now our company is working towards the goal of being the top producers of refined coconut oil in India. As a part of that we are very proud in the launch of refined coconut oil in Tamilnadu for the institutional customers and consumer use in the Brand Name “K P K Refined Coconut Oil™”.
Our company is managed by the immense experience of the Chairman Mr M.Palanisamy who has a vast practical experience of more than 30 years in this field and in the poultry field. The Managing Director Mr P.Kuppuraj is basically an Engineering Graduate. In order to fulfill his aim of become a successful entrepreneur he attained his Masters in Business Administration from The Cardiff Business School, United Kingdom with his specialization in Business Management and Marketing. So with his new innovative cost cutting, management and marketing techniques, the company is working towards its goal.

With the combination of the Experience, Education and Quality our company is striving towards the aim of top producers of Superior Quality Refined Coconut Oil. .
The Modern state of the manufacturing facility which is located in Dharapuram, Thirupur District, Tamil Nadu. Our Company’s facility is equipped to produce 20,000 Mt of Refined coconut oil annually in bulk and 10,000 Metric tonnes in 15 kg tin, 1 litre, 1/2 litre pouches. With the presence in the market for more than five years our company have maintained the quality of the Refined Coconut oil throughout the manufacturing process to expand its customer base widely throughout India.

Our Company strictly operates on the quality motto, and we pay attention right from the point of product purchase to the finished product. The Quality Policy of the Company starts with the customer as a focal point understanding the customer’s requirements, building systems & processes in place to ensure quality at every stage, and achieving commitments on delivering quality products for that our company has very well experienced technical staffs and laboratory for the product testing and delivery with that we are delivering the best product in the Refined Coconut oil Industry.
In the Next Financial Year our company is working towards the launch of coconut Hair oil and Herbal Hair oil in the FMCG market. Our company is also exploring the possibilities of the exporting refined coconut oil worldwide. In order to meet the stringent quality norms set out by other countries, the Company is applying for the ISO9001:2006
Advantages of Using K P K Refined Coconut Oil™

  • K P K is exclusively processing only Refined Coconut oil
  • All Processing equipments are made from Stainless Steel
  • Refined Coconut oil has 40 % Lauric acid.
  • The only other naturally occurring source of this acid is human breast milk. Cow's milk. But it accounts for only 2% of the milk's total fat content
  • Refined Coconut oil is the most stable oil on the planet – meaning, it is the most resilient to heat, light, and air
  • Refined Coconut oil is also believed to stimulate the metabolism
  • Refined Coconut oil has the melting point 76 degrees F and smoking point of 450 degrees F
  • Because of its greater heat tolerance, refined coconut oil can be a better option for high-temperature cooking
  • It is also lower in free radicals by virtue of the fact that it is not damaged by high-heat cooking
  • The Refined Coconut oil, however odorless and flavorless and very well could be the most excellent and versatile of all cooking oils
  • Refined Coconut oil can be used for baking it will improve the shelf life of the products.
  • Since the flavor of the oil has been removed, the taste of your baked food will not be altered.
  • Low oil absorption
  • High shelf life
  • Imparts excellent shine to the finished products
  • Desirable Melt Off
  • It promotes the taste of the product

Source: Coconut Development Board
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